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Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done. 


At SPL we know that science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) are important for you in terms of education, and your future careers. These are the areas of the workforce that are going to require workers. We have gathered a number of resources which are available through our Library with the hopes of inspiring and engaging you in these subjects. Being a critical and creative thinker can be a tremendous asset. Skills in these areas can help you stand out.  Try new things, give us suggestions, let's explore what the power of STEAM holds! 

For The Girls

According to Statistics Canada, young women represent only 39% of University STEM degrees. The statistics for young women becoming graduates of STEAM related programs is higher than it has ever been and you can continue to grow and advance these important fields of study. 


Summer Camps


A variety of STEAM based summer camp opportunities exist in Ontario. Going away to camp will help you develop new skills, independence and meet new friends. Camps vary in prices and locations - search the sites below to see which opportunity best suits you!  

After High School

College Programs

There are hundreds of colleges in Ontario alone, all offering a diverse range of co-op, certificate, apprenticeship, graduate, diploma and degree programs. Read about what each type of program entails, and then click through to see the programs that Ontario colleges offer! 

University Programs

The 2016 University Report is an article that comes out every year in the Globe and Mail. If you are unsure of which University you would like to attend, this report gives you a detailed look at 60 Universities from across Canada and could be just what you are looking for. 

Job Opportunities