The library will continue to offer curbside service only until the tentative date of Jan 23 due to Covid-19 staffing and public health considerations. We will also remain closed Sundays and Mondays until that time.
Stratford Public Library building

About Us

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” 
― Albert Einstein

Learn more about the operations of our Library Board, consider an employment or volunteer opportunity,  discover how to donate to the library, and explore the 100+ years of library history.


Our Mission

We are an equitable, safe, and welcoming community where everyone can explore, learn, create, connect, and be inspired.

Our Vision

We are a place where hope and wonder fly.
We envision a library which connects people;
inspires learning, literacy, and curiosity;
and sparks change for a better community.

Our Plan

From 2019 – 2022, the Library will be focusing on: 

1. Enhancing the User Experience with Empowering and Inclusive Programs
With this, the Library will continue to experiment to provide services that empower Stratford residents to build the community that they want to live in. 

2. Lead Global Change with the Local Community
The Library recognizes that a community is made up of a diverse group of individuals, and that success will come from working collaboratively to meet our challenges with creative solutions. 

3. Firm Our Foundation of Resources and Staff
Finally, the library will be working to strengthen both its physical resources and personnel to be able to deliver top-quality, sustainable service that is available to as many people who want to use us. ​

View the PDF Strategic Plan 2019-2022.