Community Dialogues: Better Now

Stethoscope on top of patron record sheets

Community Dialogues - Better Now

Canada’s health care system was built on a promise we can all be proud of: the promise of access to services based on need, rather than the ability to pay. We can continue to be proud of that promise, but to deliver on it, health care needs to be improved. Dr. Danielle Martin will walk us through ways of doing just that; Supporting relationship-based primary health care for all Canadians and scaling up successful innovations across the country are two ways we can get there. But to truly make progress on important issues like these, we need to hear the voices of more Canadians as they identify priorities and become involved in discussions that will shape the future.

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The Community Dialogue series is held in partnership with the University of Waterloo and Stratford Public Library. The lecture will be held at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus. 




Community Location: 

125 St Patrick St.