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Parents & Tots

This is a free drop in program held in a large gymnasium that facilitates many opportunities for playing, talking and learning together.  

PLOW will be there giving families a chance to join in the fun of playing, singing, reading and learning together. Library materials are available to take home to enjoy so be sure to bring your library card with you.

Weekly, January 9 - June 19

PebbleGo Next Science

PebbleGo Next is for researchers who have graduated from PebbleGo Science. This tool covers earth, life and physical science as well as the general field of science. Geared to learners in grades 3 - 6. Articles contain text to voice abilities and many have videos. Username sopl643 Password school

PebbleGo Science

Beginning researchers can easily explore the world around them with PebbleGo Science. PebbleGo Science covers key topics in life, physical and Earth and space science along with engineering and technology. Expertly-leveled text, simple navigation and read-aloud audio makes PebbleGo Science perfect for K-grade 3 learners. username - sopl643 / password – school

PebbleGo Social Science

PebbleGo Social Studies includes articles, media and games that include topics such as: government, communities, families, holidays, culture and awareness, being a good citizen and much much more. Geared to JK - Grade 3 with easy to read text and text to voice for beginner readers. username - sopl643 / password – school


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